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Ned Ludd Coin Value About Us

Welcome to CoinValueFinder.com, your number one resource for finding the value of coins. We are a team of coin collecting enthusiasts who have a passion for numismatics and helping others learn more about the coins they own.

Our website was founded in 2023 by Nestor Emmer, an avid coin collector for over 30 years. Nestor Emmer started CoinValueFinder.com as a way to share his extensive knowledge of coin values and give back to the coin collecting community. The site began as a hobby but quickly grew based on the positive feedback from users who appreciated having an easy way to identify and value their coins.

Today, CoinValueFinder.com has become the premier website for coin values online. We have over 1 million unique visitors per month who use our free coin price guides and tools. Our coin value database covers everything from rare antique coins to modern day mint and proof sets. We also provide the latest coin news and updates in the numismatic industry.

At CoinValueFinder.com, our mission is to make identifying coin values quick, easy and fun while educating our users on the fascinating world of coin collecting. We never charge for using our site and rely on advertising to keep CoinValueFinder.com up and running.

The CoinValueFinder.com Team

Nestor Emmer – Founder and Coin Expert

Jane Wilson – Coin Value Researcher

Mike Davis – Website Developer

Coin collecting is our passion and we enjoy engaging with our users. If you have any questions about a coin you own or the website, please contact us anytime. We look forward to helping you discover the worth of your coins!