Coin Value Finder » 1924 Silver Dollar Value: are “S”, No mint mark worth money?

1924 Silver Dollar Value: are “S”, No mint mark worth money?

Seen as a symbol of peace, the 1924 silver dollar is becoming surprisingly hard to find as they were minted over 90 years ago in limited quantities.

The 1924 peace dollars are valuable and rare, but what’s their worth in today’s market, keep reading to find out.

1924 Silver Dollar Details

1924 Silver Dollar Details

  • Obverse Designer: Anthony De Francisci
  • Fineness: 0.9
  • Mint: Philadelphia, San Francisco
  • Weight: 26.73 grams
  • Category: Peace Dollars (1921-1935)
  • Reverse Designer: Anthony De Francisci
  • Composition: Silver 90%, Copper 10%
  • Mintage: 13,530,000

As the coins were minted nearly 100 years ago, it’s possible to see common signs of wear on the coin. Fortunately, you can find uncirculated 1924 silver dollars in mint condition, but they will have a higher value. The 1924 silver dollar in good condition with no mint mark starts from $25 and can cost you more than $175 for an uncirculated piece.

In contrast, the 1924 S silver dollar starts at the same price of $25 for a coin in good condition, the uncirculated pieces can cost you more than $250. Higher grade 1924 S silver dollars are the most valuable, with their price reaching $55000 and upwards.  Although the coin has a denominational value of $1 and a silver value of $17.4, the value collectors place on the silver dollar is due to its historical significance.

Obverse Design

The obverse or the coin’s front side has an elegant portrait of Lady Liberty. In the portrait, the lady is facing to the left of the coin and wearing the pointed crown. Several loose ends of her hair are depicted as floating through the breeze. The designer crafted a relaxed jawline and facial expressions of a person in a relaxed state of mind.

The face also shows a feeling of relief from the stress of war, commemorating the hardships the people endured during the war using their strength and dignity. The word Liberty is written over the lady’s head, curving with the coin’s edges, whereas the year is struck just below the portrait at the coin’s bottom.

The phrase In God We Trust is also struck from left to right. The part “In God We” is written on the left, whereas the word Trust is written on the right.

Reverse Design

The reverse design shows an American eagle perched on a pointy rock. The Eagle has tucked wings, representing peace and calmness. Other details in the portrait include a sun rising from the horizon, depicted behind the eagle’s portrait.

The words United States of America and E Pluribus Unum, circle around the eagle. One Dollar is also struck on the coin where the word one is written on the left while the dollar is on the eagle’s right. The word peace is written at the bottom of the coin, just like the year written on the obverse side.

1924 Silver Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1924 Silver Dollar $17.4 $17.94 $20.38 $23.3
1924 S Silver Dollar $17.4 $20.2 $26.9 $165

1924 Silver Dollar Value and Varieties Guides

The 1924 silver dollar including the previous peace dollar versions was made of 90% silver and 10% copper. As the coins were produced in two mints, the Philadelphia mint had no mint mark, whereas the San Francisco mint added the S mint mark beside the eagle’s tail on the coin’s reverse side. These coins weighed 26.73 grams and measured 38.1 mm in diameter.

1924 Silver Dollar No Mint Mark Value

1924 Silver Dollar No Mint Mark

  • Mint Mark: No mint mark
  • Face Value: $1
  • Mass: 26.7 grams
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Place of Minting: Philadelphia
  • Price: $26 to $130
  • Type: Peace Dollars
  • Quantity: 11,811,000
  • Year of Minting: 1924

The no mint mark 1924 silver dollar was minted in the main Philadelphia mint, producing over 11.811,000 coins. The condition of the coin is pivotal in determining its value. While a 1924 coin in good condition can fall within $20 to $30, higher grades can cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

The coins are highly collectible, so the price can nearly double for every higher grade. While a fine-grade coin can be valued around $35 to $50, a 1924 silver dollar in extremely fine condition will start from $180. Moving up the grade ladder, the uncirculated pristine condition coins, which have retained their original luster, are easily sold, starting from a couple of hundred dollars.

1924 S Silver Dollar Value

1924 S Silver Dollar

  • Type: Peace Dollars
  • Mass: 26.7 grams
  • Face Value: $1
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Quantity: 1,726,000
  • Mint Mark: S
  • Place of Minting: San Francisco
  • Year of Minting: 1924
  • Diameter: 38.1 mm
  • Price: $28 to $8300+

The 1924 S silver dollar was minted in the San Francisco location and was produced in a limited quantity, 1,728,000 to be exact. While these coins were similar in value and features, the mint mark was the only difference between the coins produced in both mints.

The San Francisco mint included the S mint mark beside the eagle. Regarding the value, a 1924 S silver dollar in good condition is the same as the no-mint mark, which is $25. However, the coin’s value increases manifolds as you go up the grading system. A fine-condition S coin costs you $40, whereas an extremely fine-condition coin costs more than $55.

The most valuable 1924 coins are the uncirculated ones, kept saved from damage and wear. The lowest-grade uncirculated coins can cost you $250 or more. Likewise, as the grading moved up, the value skyrocketed. For example, an extremely fine-grade uncirculated 1924 silver dollar can cost you $10,000 to $50,000 and above.

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1924 Silver Dollar History

Amid the end of the World War, the United States treasury decided to mint a limited edition coin series known as peace dollars to represent peace, harmony, and friendship. The first peace dollars were similar to the Morgan dollars which were issued between 1878 to 1904.

The first peace dollar was released in 1904, commemorating the war’s end. The coin was an adaption of the Morgan dollar and had lady liberty on one side and the eagle on the other.

Similarly, the 1924 peace dollar also used the Lady liberty and the eagle on the coin, but the design was changed. The designer behind the peace dollars minted from 1921 to 1935 was Anthony De Francisci, who had already delivered impeccable designs for the previously minted Washington quarter. The portraits used in the coin were finalized after the treasury held a coin designing competition. Francisci’s design was selected to be used for the 1924 peace dollars.

The peace dollars during their minting had a face value of one dollar and were circulated throughout America. Unfortunately, the limited quantity of coins produced made the 1924 silver dollars disappear slowly from circulation, ending up in the hands of collectors. Nowadays, the 1924 silver dollar is a must-have addition to their coin collection due to its rich history and its association with the war.

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1924 Silver Dollar Grading

As mentioned earlier, the coin’s value is determined by its condition. For example, if a coin is graded as extremely fine, it will cost more than one in good condition. Similarly, coins in circulation will show evident wear and cost less, whereas uncirculated coins will show less wear and cost more. 

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1924 Silver Dollar Errors

Although the 1924 silver dollar coins are rare and have a higher value than several other collectible coins, the pieces with errors are the most expensive and cost a lot of money. While the 1924 S has more value than the 1924 silver dollar, a 1924 S with an error will have an even higher value. Here are some common errors found in the 1924 peace dollar collections.

1. 1924 Silver Dollar Curved Clip Error

1924 Silver Dollar Curved Clip Error

The clip error occurs when a piece of the coin is cut away, giving the coin a clipped edge instead of a curve. These rare coins sell for more than 100 dollars. A silver dollar coin with two clipped edges was sold for over $100.

2. 1924 Silver Dollar Strikethrough Error

1924 Silver Dollar Strikethrough Error

A strikethrough error results from a foreign object stocking on the die or the coin’s metal surface during the minting process. This foreign object prevents effective striking of the die, resulting in a poor image.

The struck image will not be sharp and have a poorly defined outline. Most 1924 silver dollars with strikethrough errors range from $50 to higher than $250.

3. 1924 Silver Dollar Lamination Error

1924 Silver Dollar Lamination Error

The lamination error is one of the rarest errors that can occur during coin minting. The lamination error occurs when any substance gets stuck on the metal surface of the coin during the minting process.

After minting, the coin will retain a flaky surface because of the stuck impurity. While a worn-off 1924 silver dollar with lamination error is around $75, the coins with the S mint mark sell for more than $400.

4. 1924 Silver Dollar Broken Die Error

A die used for longer periods can crack during the coin’s minting. The broken die error is the result of an overused or cracked die. Using a faulty die, the coin will retain the crack design on the coin’s surface during minting.

Recently, two 1924 silver dollars surfaced with the impression of the broken die on the eagle’s wings. Most pieces with this error cost from $50 to $150.

1924 Silver Dollar FAQs

What features make the peace dollar a valuable collectible coin?

The design of the peace dollar was made by the renowned sculptor Anthony De Francisci with the message of bringing peace and harmony to the world. The peace dollars after the end of the war were seen as a beacon of hope for the people and an assurance of prosperity. Besides this historical significance, the coin was also minted using 90% silver, a metal that held value.

Where is the S mint mark on the 1924 silver dollar?

Not all 1924 peace dollars have an S mint mark. The 1924 peace dollars were produced in two mints. The Philadelphia mint produced silver dollars without any mint mark, whereas the San Francisco mint produced coins with the S mint mark. The S mark is located on the reverse side of the coin, under the eagle’s left wing on the right side.

Are 1924 silver dollars rare?

While collectors seek after the whole peace dollar series, the 1924 silver dollars are still rare compared to other coins like the 1922 and 1923 silver dollars. The most valuable and rare coins among the 1924 silver dollars are the uncirculated coins which are graded higher than MS-65.

How to tell if the silver dollar is real?

While you should always look for details most collectors and grading companies use to determine a coin’s value and grade, checking whether the coin is silver is also necessary. To determine whether the coin is silver, look closely at the coin’s edges, and you’ll see a solid silver stripe, confirming the coin is silver.

However, if the coin has traces of brown-golden-colored copper, it means the coin is clad. If you feel confident the coin is worth purchasing, it’s best to contact a coin grading service to get an accurate value estimate.

What are the top valuable silver dollars?

Although most historical coins are valuable for collectors and historians, the silver dollars worth the most money are as follows:

  • 1801 draped bust silver dollar.
  • 1839 Gobrecht silver dollar Jud-88 restrike.
  • 1797 draped bust, small stars, small letters silver dollar.
  • 1799 draped bus no berries silver dollar.
  • 1896 Morgan silver dollars.
  • 1922 peace silver dollars.
  • 1798 13 stars small eagle draped bust silver dollars.

How much is the 1924 silver dollar worth?

The 1924 silver peace dollar in today’s market is between $25 and $40. However, the quality of the coin and its grading can drastically affect the selling price. For example, a 1924 silver dollar in pristine condition was sold at an auction valued at more than $50,000.    

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