Coin Value Finder » 1942 Half Dollar Value: are “D”, “S”, No mint mark worth money?

1942 Half Dollar Value: are “D”, “S”, No mint mark worth money?

The Walking Liberty half-dollars are elegant coins the U.S. treasury minted for over three decades. Due to their increasing scarcity, the 1942 half-dollar is among the most valuable and highly collectible coins. While finding pieces with minor wear is more effortless, finding a 1942 half-dollar in mint condition is challenging and tricky.

On average, the 1042 half-dollar is valued at $15 to $100, depending on the coin’s condition and the current market. Even if the coins are in their worst condition, they still have value due to their silver content.

Keep scrolling as we share the exact value of the 1942 half-dollar, review the variations, and read about particular minting errors that can skyrocket the coin’s value.

1942 Half Dollar Details

1942 Half Dollar Details

  • Weight: 12.5 grams
  • Composition: 90% silver 10% copper
  • Category: Walking liberty half dollar
  • Face Value: $0.50
  • Mintage: 71,530,920
  • Mint Mark: D, S, and No mint mark
  • Fineness: 0.9
  • Obverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman
  • Edge: Reeded
  • Year of Minting: 1942
  • Mint: Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco
  •  Diameter: 30.63 mm
  •  Price: $15 to $95
  • Reverse Designer: Adolph A. Weinman

The coin is from the walking liberty series and can fetch you a fortune, depending on its condition. While a worn-out half-dollar might only give you more than the silver’s value, 1942 half-dollars in pristine condition can go for top dollar.

Obverse Design

The obverse side of the coin depicts a landscape with lady liberty taking a stroll and extending her right hand outwards. The lady holds an olive branch in her left hand. The word ‘Liberty’ is struck in block letters on the upper half edge of the coin. There’s also a rising sun on the coin’s left and the date 1942 at the bottom rim.

Reverse Design

The surface is covered with the central image of an American eagle spreading its wings. The words ‘United States of America’ are written on the upper half of the coin, whereas the bottom reads ‘Half Dollar. The design also contains the Latin phrase, ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM,’ on the left edge of the coin.

1942 Half Dollar Value Chart

Mint Mark Good Fine Extremely Fine Uncirculated
1942 half-dollar $9.65 $9.65 $10.65 to $15 $16 to $26.40
1942 D half-dollar $9.65 $9.65 $11 to $15.65 $16.50 to $26.40
1942 S half-dollar $9.65 $9.65 $11.65 to $17 $22 to 28.80

1942 Half Dollar Value and Varieties Guides

The 1942 dollar was produced with three mints at the time. While 71,530,920 half-dollars were made, they were made in varying quantities and had distinct mint marks for identification. Let’s review the different varieties and relevant details.

The country’s participation in the second World War boosted economic activity and a significant increase in the total mintage. The Philadephia mint produced coins double the amount it minted during the last year.

1942 Half-Dollar No Mint Mark Value

1942 Half-Dollar No Mint Mark

  • Price: $15 to $95
  • Year of Minting: 1942
  • Type: Walking Liberty Half-dollar
  • Place of Minting: Philadelphia
  •  Diameter: 30.63 mm
  • Mint Mark: No mint mark
  •  Mass: 12.50 grams
  • Face Value: $0.50
  • Quantity Produced: 47,818,000
  • Edge: Reeded

The Philadelphia mint produced 47818000 walking liberty half-dollars and had the highest mintage that year. Due to their massive circulation, the coins are relatively inexpensive, as you can get your hands on one for $20.

However, the coins in the mint state have a value between $30 and $600. The most valuable coins are the MS 68 grade which can cost you from $18000 to $26000. In 2021, a very rare 1942 MS 68+ walking liberty half-dollar was purchased by a collector for $78000.

1942 D Half-Dollar Value

1942 D Half-Dollar

  • Edge: Reeded
  •  Mass: 12.50 grams
  •  Diameter: 30.63 mm
  • Mint Mark: D
  • Quantity Produced: 10,973,000
  • Place of Minting: Denver
  • Face Value: $0.50
  •  Price: $15
  • Type: Walking Liberty Half-Dollar
  • Year of Minting: 1942

Although the walking liberty half dollars with the D mint mark were produced in less amount than the Philadelphia mint, they don’t vary much in terms of value. While an already circulated half-dollar will cost $15 to $20, MS 68 graded 1942 D half-dollars are sold between $25000 to $45000. The highest-rated 1942 D half-dollar was sold at an auction in 2021 for $72000.

1942 S Half-Dollar Value

1942 S Half-Dollar

  • Price: $15 to $24
  • Mint Mark: S
  • Place of Minting: San Francisco
  • Edge: Reeded
  •  Diameter: 30.63 mm
  • Type: Walking Liberty Half-dollar
  •  Mass: 12.50 grams
  • Face Value: $0.50
  • Year of Minting: 1942
  • Quantity Produced: 12,708,000

The San Francisco mint produced 12,708,000 coins with the S mint mark, minting more coins than Denver. Lower-grade coins with the S mint mark also have the same value as the other variations.

Due to their high circulation, it’s difficult to find a coin in top-notch condition that can be graded as MS 68. However, MS 67 graded specimens are found easily but range between $20000 to $30000.

1942 Half-Dollar Proof Value

1942 Half-Dollar Proof

  • Year of Minting: 1942
  • Type: Walking Liberty Half-dollar
  • Place of Minting: Philadelphia
  •  Diameter: 30.63 mm
  • Mint Mark: No mint mark
  •  Mass: 12.50 grams
  • Face Value: $0.50
  • Quantity Produced: 47,818,000
  • Edge: Reeded

Besides the regular production, the Philadelphia mint also produced 21200 proof half-dollars. These coins are the rarest among the regular walking liberty half-dollar but have a significantly higher value. The average price of a 1942 proof walking liberty half-dollar is between $230 and $750, whereas higher-graded coins are more expensive.

The highest-rated proof half-dollars can sell for thousands of dollars. The first big purchase of the coin was in 2016 when a PR 66-rated coin reached an auction record of $13513. More recently, in 2021, a PR 68-rated coin was bought at an auction for $60,000, further increasing the coin’s value and making more collectors get their hands on these rare coins.

1942 Half-Dollar History

The act of April 1792 was used to authorize the 1942 half-dollar. These were the US treasury’s first silver coins with this denomination. The fineness of the coin was increased before production and was made with reeded edges to prevent the clipping of material from the coin. Adolph A. Weinman created the silver half-dollar design at the time, depicting walking lady liberty.

The authorities adopted the design and started minting the coin in 1916. The design by Weinman replaced the Barber half-dollar, and the production continued for over thirty years. The walking liberty half-dollar ceased production in 1947, making the Franklin half-dollar take its place.

Depicting the Walking Liberty moving freely within the land without fear, was seen as a symbol of courage and bravery, crucial to boost the nation’s morale because it was wartime.

Nowadays, coin traders and collectors see walking liberty as an excellent investment because of its stable value in the market. The value is anticipated that the coins will increase over time due to their increasing scarcity.

Bear in mind that the Walking Liberty half-dollar was minted for a limited time, making these coins scarce, appealing, and highly collectible. Although you can find the Walking Liberty half-dollar being sold at online marketplaces and coin dealers, always pick a reputable source to purchase to avoid getting scammed.

The biggest red flag to look for is a vendor or marketplace offering a highly valuable coin at a suspiciously low price. Avid coin collectors tend to collect every piece in the 1942 half-dollar walking liberty set. Depending on the budget of each collector, coin sets are also sold with varying quality.

Aiming for a coin set with good-quality half-dollars can cost you around $2000. However, graded coin sets are of higher value. For example, an MS 65 set can cost $700,000. Still, the 1942 coins, even in pristine condition, don’t have the same value as the other half-dollars 1919 D coin.

1942 Half Dollar Grading

Collectors tend to find higher-graded coins and pieces in mint condition. Due to the half-dollar’s massive circulation during the war, it was difficult to find 1942 half-dollars in better condition.

To accurately place a value on the coin, it needs to be graded. While there are official services to grade your coins, most collectors use the information shared here to grade and determine their value.

The video shared below will assist you in grading your walking liberty half-dollar. However, a coin will only achieve a graded status when graded by reliable companies like the PCGS or the NGC.

1942 Half Dollar Errors

As the coins were minted during the War, less attention was paid to the precision and quality. While these are typically minting errors, collectors always appreciate these rare errors and tend to add them to their collections. Here are a few errors you can find.

1. 1942 Half-Dollar Struck on Quarter Planchet Error

1942 Half-Dollar Struck on Quarter Planchet

Although this error seems like a misaligned die struck the planchet part, these coins were minted on a quarter planchet. These error coins are a rare find for collectors. When purchasing a coin with the quarter planchet error, weigh the coin as its weight will be similar to a quarter than a silver half-dollar.

2. 1942 Half-Dollar Double Die Error

1942 Half-Dollar Double Die

Die striking the coin more than once leads to this error. The die hitting the coin twice is a relatively rare error to find.

3. 1942 Half-Dollar Die Break Error

The error occurs when a broken die hits the coin surface. Coins minted with a broken die are the rarest and the most valuable. Their prices can range from $1000 to above $10,000.

4. 1942 Half-Dollar Off-Center Strike Error

The off-center strike error occurs when the die hits the planchet while misaligned, creating an off-center impression. The off-center impression starts from 5% to 95%. The more the off-center percentage, the higher its value becomes.

1942 Half Dollar FAQs

Is a 1942 Walking Liberty Half-Dollar made of Silver?

The 1942 half-dollar contains 90% silver and 10% copper. Fine silver is used in the making of this coin. The silver weight for the 1942 half-dollar is 0.3617 oz which holds an average melt value of $8.

Where is the mint mark on the 1942 half-dollar?

There are two mint marks on the 1942 half-dollar. It can be an S or a D. These mint marks are located on the coin’s reverse side at the bottom left edge.

What are the most sought-after key dates in the half-dollar?

Besides the design errors, collectors seek several key dates in this coin series. A total of nine issues are reported in the series, which include: 1917-D (obverse), 1916, and 1917-S. 1916-S, 1921-D, 1938-D, 1921-S, 1919, and 1921. Each of these coins with the relevant key dates has a mintage of less than one million.

Which half-dollars are rare?

The 1838 half-dollar produced in Philadelphia is a scarce coin. Two of the coins were sold in different auctions for a total amount of $632,500. The mint produced 180000 of these half-dollars.

How much is the 1942 half-dollar?

The value of the half-dollar depends on its rarity, grading, and other details like minting errors. A worn-out coin can cost you less than $15, whereas uncirculated coins on the open market can even go as much as $17000. While the average price remains from $15 to $95, half-dollar coins like the 1942 proof are much costlier.

How much is the no-mint mark 1942 half-dollar worth?

Half-dollar no-mint mark walking liberty ranges from $ 10 to $25, whereas a coin in mint condition can go for $600 and more. Coins with high grades like MS 68 are worth thousands of dollars. A pristine condition 1942 no mint mark half-dollar was sold for $78000.

Which Walking Liberty Half-Dollar is the most expensive?

The 1918 D MS 66+ holds the top spot in the walking liberty half-dollar series. The coin was sold at an auction in 2021 for $340750. The 1919 D MS 66 is also considered an expensive coin. One collector in 2004 paid $270250 for the coin, adding the coin to the list of most expensive walking liberty half-dollars.

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